Friday, November 11, 2005

and when he eats it reminds me of sodomy...

So i feel like perhaps i lost a bet or made some ridiculous promise that i'm not really expected to keep...but i just must write something here. It's been long, and albeit, i'm a horrible father, the kind that beats and hides children in the dishwasher, or perhaps watches hour after hour of Wheel Of Fortune, only to make obscene comments about Mrs. White. Such ramble such rucus, why even continue. And yet I digress?

so now i live with this little japanese thing and we've taken to writing this and that upon or bread boxes (that's slang for 'stomach', I've been teaching my little Japanese thing ebonics...) We live below this german couple who just throws corn at us, and our landlord as the fuckrock awesome wig that looks like it was snatched from an Elvis wax, powdered and placed lightly upon his skull. He rocks out in his garage with his surround sound stereo system to Johnny Cash. We get along fine.

An Ass teaches my Japanese class. And he is, in fact, an actual disembodied ass. He floats up there in front of the class, no legs you know, and just talks shit out his face...his assface. He's from "Yale" and he's Emersonian and when he eats it reminds me of sodomy...


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