Friday, November 18, 2005

That's what commitment does to me you know, hand vomit...

so I'm living with this little Japanese thing we'll call Mimi (and we do) and here's the dropping box around that nonesense...we're dating now. Within the past four days I have: discovered her attraction to me (once agian obvious to all but meself), begun dating her, broken up with her, and taken up dating her once again (apparently on a much more "Serious level"). The break up was a result of a certain incident that we'll code name the "Threesome" that happened during an alcoholic intoxication spin whilst her twenty-first birthday was put on. Whoa, and did that noise come out of no where. Have you ever just wondered how far you can take something and just pushed it and pushed it and pushed.

So there's this chick, we'll call her Tayli, for she is but an exact female version of me. Apparently, as proven by our astounding teamwork Tuesday night, we think on the same sexual mind level. We also carry a same style in clothing, plus she has curly hair and I'm jewish; it's like a living mirror! I like to call her the naked instigator. Last Friday we flew up to the local hotsprings just across the way in "Idahoe"; a clothing's opinion location that Tayli took strong advantage of. So this noise, all this nonesense with Mimi, started off with a bang of naked; suddenly I was haning out with six of my good friends, naked, and then dating and living with one. I'm married. Not that I'm blaming that on Tayli, just the naked...the naked is totally her fault.

So I've once again (if you count that other Japanese gf I fucked up with) found myself in a relationship. I can't even put parenthesis around the word because it's so true. I hate commitment and I don't know how I found this muddy hole but I'm worried i'm just gonna end up vomiting in my hands. That's what commitment does to me you know, hand vomit...


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